We provide metal cutting using bandsaws. Besides the regular hydraulic-gravitational saw with a cross-section of about 350 mm, we also cut metals using two high-quality saws by Behringer, a leading German manufacturer. Their advantage lies in the robust construction made of grey alloy castings, which guarantees a very good absorption of vibrations, thus ensuring high precision and quality of the cut surface.

The saws can cut almost all types of metal thanks to the powerful motors, such as aluminium, heavy non-iron metals, stainless steel, titan, INCONEL etc.

Two-column semiautomatic saw


working range:

510 × 510 mm

cutting speed:

0–150 m/min.

powerful electric motor:

5,2 KW

Behringer HBE511A Dvousloupová poloautomatická pila​
Behringer LPS60-3 Dvousloupová poloautomatická pila

Vertical (block) saw


working range:

3 000 × 550 × 600 mm

maximum table load:

8 500 kg

cutting speed:

0–200 m/min.

powerful electric motor:

13,2 KW


Both domestic and international deliveries of material are provided by our contractual partners on agreed dates. Considering the specifics and diversity of our material, we most frequently use the domestic shipping services of Emons, a company that has experience with this type of shipping. A professional approach to transport is important to us and as such all the materials and devices are carefully packaged and placed on pallets, in crates or another type of packaging that provides safe handling not only during transport, but also during unloading on the site.

HOBERO doprava
Třískové obrábění a řezání vodním paprskem

Custom Manufacture

We provide custom manufacture in cooperation with other companies, namely in chipping technology and water jet cutting according to the documentation submitted by the customer.